Cold Plunges & Building Community with Natalia Anja

In this session we talk about meditation, breathwork, coldwater exposure, community, connection, and Natalia’s new project called The Portal to Self.

The Portal to Self is a monthly retreat held over Zoom where participants experience a variety of mind-body modalities to achieve a deeper connection to their authentic being. Some of these modalities include: meditation, conscious breathing, cold water exposure, journaling exercises, yoga, reiki channelling, sound bath journeys and more.

About Natalia

Natalia is a professional photographer, adventurer based, a philanthropist, and the founder of The Portal to Self. She is an incredible human being and someone you should know.

She is very passionate about helping others as well as promoting health & well-being, and building community.

Connect with Natalia

The Portal to Self Website:
Instagram: @nataliaanjaphotography
The Portal to Self Instagram: @theportaltoself
Facebook: @nataliaanjaphoto
The Portal to Self Facebook: @The-Portal-To-Self