Finding Your Purpose in Life Through Meditation with Mike Tranmer

As soon as we can appreciate that we are in control of the thoughts we hold on to in our mind, it completely changes everything. It changes our complete outlook on life where we can hold on to the beautiful thoughts that come to our mind. We can hold on to the empowering thoughts, learn to cultivate the thoughts of ourselves in the future that we are stepping towards and spend more time on what we want to create instead of just reacting to random thoughts that come into our mind.

About Mike

Michael Tranmer is an engineer & Public Speaker on Transcendent Leadership that inspires and motivates others to live their dream life.

He is also the author of: Satori Ananda – Awaken to Happiness, a memoir about the life transformation he experienced following the sudden end of his marriage.

In his book, Michael fearlessly shares his journey of self- discovery to his consciousness awakening after the trauma of the breakup.

Connect with Mike

Instagram: @michael.tranmer
Facebook: @mtranmer