Hypnosis for Change and Growth with Johnny Can

If you are having some limiting blocks and you’ve done all the reading, all the books, all the self-help, go to all the conferences, you have counselors and you still come against the same thing over and over again it’s because it’s ingrained in your subsconous. And the way to understand that and learn it in a better way is through hypnosis.

About Johnny

After twenty years of working in the hospitality industry in some of the hottest spots in Western Canada. Johnny made a choice to shift in a direction that was more meaningful to him. Where he didn’t have to sacrifice long hours and his health and work in the personal development field. He became one of 750 elite Certified High Performance Coaches and a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. He specializes in offering a path of Freedom and Fulfilment in a one on one or group setting.

Connect with Johnny

Website: johnnycancoach.com
Instagram: @mrjohnnycan
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