Chakra Healing Self-Love Meditation

By Brooke Yantzi

This is a beautiful mediation that helps release anything that is blocking you, helps you connect to your truth and intuition, opens up self-expression and your personal power and cleanses the chakras. This can help people who are anxious, depressed, feel blocked, stagnant or stuck.



Brooke Yantzi

Entrepreneur, Dancing with Life Founder

Brooke Yantzi helps female entrepreneurs overcome burnout and overwhelm and fall back in love with their business or create something new so they can experience freedom, overflowing abundance, create deep soul connections and make an impact that changes lives! Brooke is a speaker, healer, intuitive, entrepreneur and is a global leader who works with women all over the world and also supports an organization in Kenya which helps women with HIV/AIds create businesses and heal. Brooke also is the Regional Operator of PL3Y Education BC in which her team teaches DANCEPL3Y and YOGAPL3Y programs in schools across BC.

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Location: British Columbia, Canada
Instagram: @brookejillianyantzi
Facebook: @brooke.yantzi