Death as a Teacher Meditation

By Zeeger Scholten

We take a moment to stand still, sink into our body, and reflect on death. Through reflective questions you are guided to your own answers. Can you allow death to be your greatest teacher? Can it be a source for unlimited energy? Can being with death show us what we are still holding onto?

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Zeeger Scholten

Entrepreneur, Facilitator

When he was 16 he struggled with the idea of death. From this driving force he dove into Nichiren Buddhism, which he kept practising during his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in the Netherlands. During his masters in London, he wanted to introduce more of his fellow millennials to personal development & spirituality, and started his own company where we organised workshops for young professionals. After this he worked at a fast growing startup, which he quickly left to start his second company, Uprise Academy. Here he and his team organised 3 month-long transformative trips, where students would learn practical skills like data science, UX design, & entrepreneurship while diving deep into their own purpose through meditation retreats, workshops, & an openhearted community. After three years of running this company & two investment rounds, he left this in December 2019 to take time to deepen his own spiritual practise and see what life wants him to do next.

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Instagram: @zeegerscholten