Overcoming Burnout with Brooke Yantzi

A lot of people in our world have a certain level of adrenal fatigue and burnout. Just the way our world is set up, the 40-60 hours a week, the go-go-go constantly producing with overschedule lives. When we are under too much stress, our adrenals kick into gear and produce cortisol to help us deal with stress. When our body is constantly producing cortisol to deal with stress and we are not giving it enough time to replenish it just becomes depleted.

In this interview we’ll dive into questions like: What is burnout? What did you learn from the burnout experience? What are three ideas to prevent or treat burnout? And more.

About Brooke

Brooke Yantzi helps female entrepreneurs overcome burnout and overwhelm and fall back in love with their business or create something new so they can experience freedom, overflowing abundance, create deep soul connections and make an impact that changes lives!

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