Transforming Self-Doubt Into Confidence with Amy Meraki

Amy is an Intuitive Business Coach who believes pleasurable business is your birthright.

By using the laws of manifestation, feminine embodiment, and soulful brand strategy, she coaches soul-led entrepreneurs and visionary leaders to transform fear and uncertainty into confidence and clarity. So they can create a personal brand and business they absolutely love, that feels like an extension of their soul — easeful, fun, pleasurable and in flow. And ultimately life free, get paid, and change lives — starting with their own.

In this session: soul work, overcoming self-doubt, boosting self-confidence and well-being.

About Amy

Amy’s a serial creative entrepreneur who co-founded one of BC’s top Entertainment Dance Companies in her 20’s. After her successful dance career, she was certified as a 650hr women’s empowerment coach, where she went on to mentor hundreds of women to step into their power, both in her own coaching business, and as a mentor to the coaches-in-training at the VITA Method Coaching Institute.

Connect with Amy

Instagram: @amymeraki
Facebook: @amymeraki